In the interests of your child’s safety and as a requirement by the Ministry we account for every child each day. Please inform the school before 8.50 a.m. if your child is to be absent/late on any particular day by calling to the office - 3489392, press 1, to leave a message. Other methods of advising of an absence are phoning or texting the school cell phone 021 348 935. Electronic registers are taken at 8.50am each day, children not accounted for will be followed up by Jess. Absenteeism without an explanation is recorded as Truant.

Children who arrive at school after 8.50 a.m. need to be signed into school at the office by their parent.

Attendance Dues

Attendance Dues are authorised under the Private Schools Conditional Integration Act and are used to pay for costs associated with the land and buildings for the Catholic Primary Schools in the Diocese. Attendance Dues are a legally binding charge on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic school. In the Christchurch Diocese the Attendance Dues charge is $320.00 per year for each child. The account is sent out at the beginning of each term for $80.00, from the parish, and is to be paid to the parish. Dues that are not paid by the parents or caregivers of the child need to be covered by the Parish, placing unnecessary strain on the Parish accounts.

Where a parent has four or more children at a Catholic Primary School, their attendance dues invoice will be for three children only, i.e. the fourth child and any further children, will not be charged for attendance dues.

Bicycles & Scooters

Children may bring their bikes and scooters to school to ride at break times. Occasionally we put out ramps etc for the children to challenge their skills. We have a bike track being designed by senior students


Older students are buddied with young students and the buddies attend our weekly Mass together. The older students are responsible for their buddy during Mass and are expected to assist them in the development of appropriate behaviour during Mass. We have many buddy events throughout the year, particularly to support our Liturgical events and our special Catholic Character.


Parents are invited to contact teachers via email if they have any concerns. Where this proves unsatisfactory please arrange to discuss the matter with the Principal.

It is inevitable from time to time that misunderstandings occur between home and school. Concerns about matters affecting the school, pupils or the teachers are usually the result of a lack of information or misunderstanding and in most cases can be solved when the full story is revealed. To keep harmonious relations between home and school the following procedures should be followed:

1. The parent or caregiver is to approach the teacher concerned and arrange a time convenient to both parties where the matter can be discussed in private.

2. If satisfaction is not gained from the initial interview a time should be arranged to discuss the matter with the Principal.

3. If satisfactory understanding still cannot be arrived at, the concern or complaint may be put in writing for a response from the Principal.

4. If satisfactory understanding still cannot be arrived at, the concern may be taken to the Board of Trustees. The complaint must be in writing and a copy given to the Principal.

Any concerns you have to do with the day-to-day management of the school should be discussed with the Principal. Matters relating to policy direction or significant health and safety issues should have Board of Trustees involvement. If you are unsure, please make an appointment to see the Principal. In all cases, it is common courtesy to inform the Principal initially.

Communication with Teachers

Parents are encouraged to discuss any matter with the teacher concerned. Firstly it is best to contact your child’s homebase teacher via their school email address. If required a meeting at a mutually acceptable time can be made which would allow the teacher to provide a meaningful response, outside of class teaching hours.

Donation - School Contribution

This contribution is set by the Board of Trustees to contribute to the costs of purchase of some sports and recreational equipment and administration; library; educational entertainment; subsiding travel for some class trips and for any other activity approved by the Board of Trustees. The 2018 school donation is $65.00 per pupil. This financial contribution is a tax deductible donation. Direct debit facilities are available for those who wish to use it.

Junior Neighborhood Support

This programme is provided to our school through Neighbourhood Support with the aim of making our children into fantastic connected citizens, aware of emergency services and how to look after people and places in our community. Elissa the co Ordinator comes into our school to work on projects with the chosen leaders. She also gives awards to children who do amazing things for their community, nominations can be placed in the mailbox in the office foyer.

Lunch Online

We are signed up to a lunch providing website whereby families create an account which enabes them to elecronically for their children's lunches. Lunches available are

Tuesday: sushi (including hot food e.g noodles, dumplings)

Thursday: Subway sandwiches and salads

Occasionally the PTA put on sausage sizzles and hot chips for a Friday lunch. These are advertised in the school newsletter.


Summer uniform is in Terms 1 and 4 and winter uniform is in Terms 2 and 3.

Boys Winter: grey long sleeve shirt, grey shorts, maroon tie, grey long socks, school polar fleece,

Boys Summer: grey short sleeve shirt, grey shorts, grey short summer socks, school hat

Girls Winter: pinafore, blue skivvy, blue tights or long socks, polar fleece,

Girls Summer: pinafore, white short sleeve shirt, school hat, white ankle socks

What is available to buy at school?

  • tie $10

  • polar fleece $65

  • P.E uniform (t-shirt and shorts) $55

  • school hat $12

All other uniform is available either at The Warehouse or Mainland Uniforms.


All stationery is provided by the teachers. You will be invoiced for this. We keep stationery to an absolute minimum.