Health & Physical Well Being

The school programme aims to help children acquire knowledge and understanding about movement, about themselves and about the contribution of physical activity to a healthy lifestyle.

Outside agencies are used to help support the school in Health Education. This includes the DARE programme and Kia Kaha with the support of the Hornby Police. Cycle safety, Life Education and Jump Rope are also included in the programme. Sexuality Education is taught in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

The School Health Nurse is available for support of any specific health problems. Specialist services are available to parents if and when required – this includes speech therapy, educational psychology, and health services, such as hearing, vision testing and general health checks. Dental treatment is free and provided by the mobile Dental Clinic. Free Services only apply to New Zealand resident students.

Parents are requested to promote good health by providing their children with healthy nutritious food for every meal. Children require a healthy breakfast to ensure they are able to concentrate at school
and make the most of each learning opportunity. Lunches need to include protein, carbohydrates and fruit and vegetables. All drinks are to be contained in named, plastic bottles. Fizzy drinks and sweets are not permitted. As a safety precaution, students are not permitted to share food.

If children are unwell at school, parents are contacted and a request made that the children can be collected and taken home. An emergency contact person is important to stand in when we cannot contact parents in such circumstances.


Summer school activities include cricket, athletics, cross country and swimming. Swimming lessons are provided by experienced teachers, at Wharenui Pool, pupils are taught in ability groups.

Winter school activities include soccer, rugby, netball, hockey and gymnastics.

Year 5 to Year 8 children are involved in regular inter-school sports activities in the South West Zone and enter the winter and summer tournaments and the annual Catholic Schools’ Tournament.

Cultural Activities

The school provides music education for all children. Year 4 – 8 pupils have the opportunity to join the school choir and take part in the Christchurch Primary Schools’ music Festival held annually. An exciting new initiative has been to sing at Westfield Mall and the Riccarton Garden Gala held at Deans Bush. The development of the Special Choir “The Little Flowers’ has added another dimension to the music at St. Teresa’s. Music tutors visit the school and offer individual and/or group music instrument lessons each term. Our Kapa Haka group has gone from strength to strength and perform whenever they get the opportunity.

Students in Years 5 – 8 have an opportunity to participate in the Zone Sports and Zone Cross Country competitions, giving them regular contact with many other children of the same age.

The Catholic Schools’ Tournaments give the children another opportunity to play Netball, Soccer, Rugby and Hockey with children from the Catholic schools in Canterbury.

All Year 5 – 8 children have a school camp each year. These camps provide opportunities for the students to experience a variety of activities and have proven to be a highlight in their year.


The annual Ski trip to Porter Heights or Mount Hutt is a great opportunity for the Year 5 -8 students to learn new skills while socialising with their classmates, teachers and parents.

Opportunities For Year 7 & 8 Students
As a full primary school we place special emphasis on the senior level of the school. All Year 7 and 8 pupils are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills through our leadership programme and are expected to be positive role models, willingly accepting leadership roles, including serving at Mass.

Good leaders:

are on time for meetings and attend without reminders
speak appropriately using a strong voice, sometimes in a public setting
present a confident front
are well organised and confident
are well behaved and responsible
show reverence and respect live our Virtues
encourage others to be the best they can be
lead by example – always follow the rules
participate spontaneously in all activities – sports, the arts, spiritual
show their enthusiasm
give of their best even when the activity is not their favourite
have a positive attitude
use positive verbal and body language
Leadership roles include: School Leaders, House Captains, *Student Council, *Tech Team, *Librarians, *Choir, *Vinnies.
denotes opportunities available to pupils in the middle school as well.
A selected group of children take part in the annual Problem Solving Competition run by the University of Otago.
Our talented Year 7 & 8 mathematicians enjoy participating in the Canta Math Competition held at the Town Hall each year.
Every Tuesday the Year 7 & 8 children walk to Kirkwood for technology classes where they gain skills in cooking, sewing, woodwork and metalwork.
The Year 7 & 8 children are exposed to Japanese, French, Spanish and Maori language. This allows them to make a more informed choice when choosing a language to study at secondary school
Every year the children participate in the Rotary and ‘Canta-Speak’ Speech competitions. The school’s focus on Literacy ensures the children receive specific tuition to guide them in speech making.
The Year 7 & 8 children take part in a class debating competition each year in preparation for high school.
Preparation for Year 9 is an important aspect of Year 7 & 8 teaching. Local schools are invited to speak to the class.
Visitors and visits are used to help promote vocational awareness and an understanding of employment possibilities. This includes use of the nearby University.
Acting as Master of Ceremonies to lead assemblies.

We have a wonderful new library at St. Teresa’s. Librarians are trained to run the library during lunch breaks. They issue, return and shelve books, assist younger children to select appropriate books and read to those who choose to listen to a story. Class Librarians are trained and used in class sessions to issue, return and shelve books. The school library is computerised allowing the children to further their skills in ICT.

Visits to Retirement Villages and Local Kindergartens
Each term classes and the school choir and kapa haka group visit local retirement villages as part of our community services programme. In the future we hope to visit local kindergartens as well.