Special Character

Religious Education

At St Teresa's our Religious Education programme is delivered in authentic, engaging and relevant contexts. From the curriculum, we take Key Concepts and integrate them into all areas of our learning. We take things happening in our school environment, our community, our world and look at them from a Catholic worldview.

Prayers and Religious Education happen every morning across the school except for Thursday.


We take what is happening in the lives of our students and integrate our Religious Education curriculum into that. How can we look at issues happening for us or for others from a Catholic perspective?


Making Religious Education engaging for our children is important, just as it is for any other curriculum area. We take the age of our students into consideration as we plan engaging content.


Learning in Religious Education comes out of authentic contexts; what we see happening in our learning areas, our school, our community and the world. How can we look at those things from a Catholic worldview?

Special Character

The Catholic Special Character of our school is central to everything we do, it forms the basis for life at St Teresa's.

Key components of continuing to foster our Special Character are...

  • weekly whole school Masses, every Thursday at 9am (students are involved in the singing, reading and altar serving)

  • training Altar Servers

  • Prayer and Adoration with Father Michael every Friday afternoon (Years 4-8)

  • Young Vinnies group serving in our school and in the community

  • Liturgical Year Celebrations e.g Lenten 40 Days of Service, Pancake making for Shrove Tuesday, Stations of the Cross, Last Supper reenactment, All Saints Day celebration parade.

  • Pastoral Care: being attune to the needs of our children and their families, looking after them as part of our family community.

  • Parish/School Connection: we have a very strong connection with our parish and parish priest, Father Michael Therese. Planning of our Special Character events is often done in conjunction with Father Michael and our pastoral assistant, Aiber Castillo. Father Michael also comes over to take Religious Education workshops occasionally in Te Rangimarie.

  • Sacramental Programme: First Holy Communion (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 8) are run by the parish but consultation happens with the school in the planning process of these programmes.

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